About Tanweel

non-profit social enterprise offering innovative and impactful solutions to empower youth in Saudi Arabia

Tanweel is a non-profit social enterprise offering innovative and impactful solutions to empower youth in Saudi Arabia.
Our vision is of a Saudi Arabia where all young people have the opportunity to achieve their potential, live fulfilling lives and contribute effectively and productively to society.
We support youth from all segments of the community to develop the mindset and skills that equip and empower them to overcome challenges, capitalize on their natural talents and make the most of new opportunities.
Efforts to inform and catalyze growth and development of the social entrepreneurial ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, are integral to our work.

The future of Saudi Arabia is in the hands of its youth. Empowered with the right mindset, tools and approaches they have the creativity and dynamism to achieve immense potential, live healthy, rewarding and fulfilling lives and contribute productively to Saudi society.
But sometimes we all need a little help to take the first steps…
At Tanweel we believe that achieving transformational, positive social impact begins with supporting young women and men to capitalize on their natural talents and passions, and helping them to channel these in ways that inspire entrepreneurialism and open up new careers.
At Tanweel we aim to be the catalyst that inspires and empowers youth, from all segments of Saudi society, to realize their potential, equipping them to both flourishes personally and to play active roles in thriving communities.
Working collaboratively with partners we offer a range of soft-skills development, training, and mentorship programs to young people in Saudi Arabia to better prepare them for making smooth and successful transitions from education to long-term employment. But more than this, our programs aim to positively impact them across their personal, educational and professional lives.
Aware of the huge potential of social entrepreneurs to have a transformation social impact on some of the world’s most challenging social issues, we also strive to support and catalyze the development of the social entrepreneurial ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.
Our work capitalizes on the principles and tools of social entrepreneurship, blending and harnessing human capital, investment, and innovation. We offer innovative and financially sustainable solutions that have clear, long-term, positive social impact.
We recognize that much can be achieved through collaboration which is why we partner with a diverse range of innovative organizations, and unique programs and initiatives, inside and outside the Kingdom, who share our values and impact goals.
With a clear focus on transformational social impact, hand-in-hand with them, we design, deliver and scale up, a range of programs and initiatives that enable young men and women in Saudi Arabia to become effective changemakers.

Partners and Collaborators

Partnerships and collaboration are key to our work and to achieving impact.