Why? - Tanweel purpose

We believe that investing in human empowerment is the most important investment to make. Positively impacting men and women across all segments of Saudi society requires an integrated approach, one which equips them with a proactive mindset, and effective tools and skills.
The diverse tools and approaches of social entrepreneurship offer many ways to achieve sustainable impact. Through our work we strive to ensure that individuals, organizations and communities throughout the Kingdom have access to them and their benefits.

How? -Tanweel Strategy

Tanweel is a dynamic hub that enables men and women in Saudi Arabia to more easily access, tap into and benefit from a diverse range of empowerment and personal growth innovations, expertise and approaches, both from within the Kingdom and abroad.
We're passionate about empowerment and fostering personal growth, so we partner with likeminded organizations and individuals who share our energy and enthusiasm. With a clear focus on transformational social impact, hand-in-hand with them we help design, deliver and scale up, a range of programs and initiatives.

What? -Tanweel Activities

What? -Tanweel Activities

We offer a range of training programs aimed at developing a positive, proactive, entrepreneurial mindset among local community
Our programs open doors to new horizons and opportunities, sharpen skills, and ensure people are better placed to achieve high levels of excellence in their personal and professional lives.
The Tanweel team also design programs and provide consultancy services in social entrepreneurship, social innovation and investing for a social impact. The combination of sustainability and demonstrated social impact is the keystone of everything we do.