Arab Excellence Organization

Arab Excellence is a not-for-profit organization registered in France that aims to provide youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with the training, inspiration, network and mentorship needed to help them realize and reach their full personal and professional potential.  This is achieved through a training program that aims to enable participants to discover and clarify their personal and professional goals in life and empower them with the skills and practical tools necessary to achieve them.

Arab Excellence Program

Arab Excellence educational and training programs aim to guide participants in the development of a clear vision, of what they aspire to achieve personally and professionally, and a specific roadmap to achieve this vision.  The programs also help participants cultivate a range of communication and networking skills and build a professional internet presence.

The programs were developed based on the life experiences and success stories of Arab role models in MENA and around the world, who overcame various challenges to excel in their respective fields. They are the true personification of ‘Arab Excellence’. Their determination, commitment, and creativity are what Arab Excellence aims to instill in the targeted participant group. The program helps participants to nurture the mindset of excellence and provides them with the concrete tools and transferable skills they need to build their vision and grow their career in order to achieve excellence.

Arab Excellence also works with entrepreneur incubators and accelerators to provide start-ups with training, workshops, and business mentoring. These workshops aim to inspire and empower the founders by helping them define the company’s purpose and vision and align it with their personal vision, articulate a concrete roadmap to achieve it

strengthen team cohesion, build and implement an efficient go-to-market approach, and develop keys skills such as networking and public speaking skills.

Arab Excellence training programs have been conducted at Stanford in USA, INSEAD in France, Al-Faisal University, Badir Technology Incubators, Effat University, and others in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates.

In general, an Arab Excellence program involves 8 individual days (totaling around 48 hours) of training implemented over a three-month period.  The program can be customized in various ways to best fit specific organizational goals and the target participant group.

A diverse range of young men and women can benefit from Arab Excellence programs, including college seniors, fresh graduates, jobseekers, employees, and entrepreneurs.