Alf Darb Program


Alf Darb is a training program that focuses on changing attitudes and developing mindsets to achieve sustainable behavioral change.  The human-centered approach of Alf Darb enables you to explore your potential through personal and professional growth.

Alf Darb helps you to:

  • become more productive and self-sufficient.
  • achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • better understand your unique strengths and skills.
  • effectively plan your life (career, finance, personal growth).
  • develop a self-aware and proactive mindset.
  • ensure you are fulfilled and content in your personal and professional life.

Alf Darb can also help your organisation. The program is based on the principle that resilient, successful, and dynamic organizations are those founded on a commitment to the growth of their staff as proficient, self-sufficient individuals.


As an organisation, Alf Darb helps you to:

  • create a unified culture of teamwork centred around your organisation’s vision and mission.
  • foster a strong sense of professionalism and commitment to excellence among your staff.
  • develop a self-aware and proactive mindset.
  • attain higher levels of staff productivity.
  • ensure your staff are focused on providing excellent customer service.
  • identify leaders and unique skill-sets.
  • pinpoint which roles best match your individual staff members.

The program includes five personal growth themes:

  • increased self-awareness and self direction
  • building skills and strength of character: communication skills, professionalism, team work, and the values and motivation necessary for a successful and fulfilling career
  • self-sufficiency
  • activating a support network
  • developing a sense of responsibility and actively contributing to a positive organizational culture

The Alf Darb training program has been successfully conducted with staff and students from the following organisations and businesses in Saudi Arabia: Carrefour, Louis Vuitton, Uber, Princess Noura University and Shawaya House.

Program approach:

  • Identifying which personal values are essential to ensuring a successful and fulfilling career. Exploring how these, and positive motivation, can be fostered and activated in both personal and professional life.
  • Discovering the core of each participant’s personality and character and how this reflects on their external identity.
  • Developing effective communication skills to foster a positive environment for development.
  • Cultivating self-sufficiency and resilience with the aim of achieving a healthy state of mind and a good balance in life.
  • Expanding learning and practically applying it beyond the program by engaging participants in a specific ‘challenge’.